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How Do I... Here is a list of most things you'll need to legally start a business! 

If you're in a hurry, just scroll to the bottom and print this out instead! ;)

This is your



So you have this idea for a business, but HOW and WHERE do you even start?

STEP 1: Ask yourself these questions! 

What is your projected start up cost?

Tip: Be sure to round up, then add 20%!

What is the risk vs. reward with this venture?

Tip: Can you personally/your family survive your worst case scenario?

STEP 2: Get an insurance quote!

Insurance is a HUGE part of any business, and it's an important cost to take into consideration.

STEP 3: NOW you're ready to dig in to the legal stuff!

What will you name your business? Now, before you create a logo, follow this link to see if another business has the same name in NM:

Legal Forms Required:

1. File for your EIN.

2. File for your New Mexico CRS online (the original will be mailed to you)


3. E-File your LLC Articles of Organization with the State of New Mexico website for $50. 


4. Take your EIN and CRS down to your city hall permitting office and pay a fee to get your business license. 

5. Take all this documentation to the bank of your choice and open your business account.

Look closely at monthly service charges etc.

Tip: Easily keep track of your receipts and expenses by putting an app on your phone and snap a photo right after paying.

ie. Expensify or Quickbooks

Let's talk about creating a custom marketing plan, starting as low as

$400/month, or getting items a la carte. Click the Book Online tab at the top of the page to get started. Line item prices available on the Price List tab.

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